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Hi! I'm Becky Peyton and I've been on a natural wellness journey for the past 15 years. Finding dōTERRA in 2015 inspired me to share what I have learned and help others to find natural solutions to health issues such as those caused by auto-immune and other progressive diseases. I moved to Utah in 2021 to be close to my daughter (Jenna Beaty @OrganicallyJenna) and her family and we love working together and bringing hope with natural solutions that work!

My journey with essential oils began in 2014 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and experienced the “standard of care” of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Towards the end of this “care”, as I was crippled with joint pain and weakness, I had the realization that this whole process did not include relying on or supporting the healing abilities of my own immune system and was in fact, by design, completely annihilating it with these treatments! Could I have treated the very early stages of growth (which were just calcium deposits) with lifestyle changes, food choices and detoxing? Was there a better way than chemo and radiation? Maybe. Probably. This is a choice that every person with a serious medical diagnosis has to make and I set out to explore all the different ways that people were successfully managing and even healing themselves from disease. What I have learned is that there are many alternative, less toxic means to achieve wellness and to support our bodies that exist outside of allopathic medicine and I love to explore and share about them.

dōTERRA’s mission to bridge the gap between Western medicine and “alternative” treatments by providing the purest, most potent oils on the planet is what drew me to them as a company. The powerful abilities to heal is what drew me to their essential oils.

Preventative care of our bodies and minds is the prevailing thought to living a long, healthy life. I invite you to learn, along with us, about the many ways we can support our wellness, and awaken the innate healing machine inside us all!

xo, Becky

why i do what i do

My Passion With

Essential Oils

I am a strong believer in medical choice and I also know that it is up to each of us to seek out information and do our due diligence when choosing medical care. Gone are the days where we can rely on the integrity of the medical profession alone because our health professionals are more often than not very restricted to providing only the “standard of care” that they must adhere to. Sometimes referred to as the “Medical Industrial Complex”, this industry by design is driven purely by profits, and we shouldn’t be shocked by this any longer.

The world is rapidly changing and more than ever people are realizing the necessity of being their own health advocates, rather than relying on a system that is serving big Pharma more than caring for people.

I embrace all aspects of my own healing journey as it has brought me to this place of understanding and responsibility for my health. Becoming a wellness advocate for dōTERRA has supported my personal and spiritual growth as well, and given a meaningful purpose to my life.

My driving passion is to help women find their vitality and take charge of their health and wellness, for themselves and their families, with natural solutions and essential oils.

work with me!

My Essential Oil Business

These past years have shown us the wisdom of securing more than one stream of income as we have seen many experience the loss of

their jobs and businesses in this era of uncertainty. dōTERRA is answering this need with its superb product line and business structure that offers continued education and unlimited opportunity to those seeking to enhance their physical, mental, and financial lives. This is not your momma's MLM! We have had an influx of professionals from the corporate and medical fields join dōTERRA, driven by the freedom and superb products, and attracted by the compensation plan, which is at the top of the industry.

But what I am really blessed with is that I get to work with an incredible group of individuals! We support each other, collaborate together, create with one another, and we have a lot of fun doing it all! The best part is that I have joined a company that I am so aligned with, in their mission and integrity of business practices. dōTERRA is an incredible opportunity that can change lives, not only in health, but in financial security and sense of purpose too!

dōTERRA inspires me to go all in and live life to the fullest, meeting new challenges and getting outside my comfort zone.

always be learning!

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